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 Pilgrim Badges

Fettered Cock Pewters

Come in and browse.   All prices are in US dollars.

Charm Style indicates that the badge is meant to be worn suspended
or sewn in place. Check out our Charm Hangers!

Pin Back indicates that the piece is cast with a medieval pin closure.

Buying in Bulk?

Buy 10 or more badges and get a 10% discount (not to be combined with any other sale)
Buy 15 or more badges and receive a 15% discount! (not to be combined with any other sale)

If you would like to know more about the medieval practice of pilgrimage and about pilgrims' badges and souvenirs, please visit our Pilgrimage Page.

Amour $5

A symbol of love from 1250 to the Elizabethan age, the "A" stood for Amour and was given and worn by lovers and friends.
Charm Style
(size 37mm X 34mm)

Battle Archers $5

This charm is based upon the livery badge of Prince Arthur, Henry VIII's brother. It depicts four arrows and a sword bound together with a knotted knight's belt. It symbolizes the co-dependence of soldier and archer in battle.
Charm Style

Boar $5

A popular heraldic beast, the boar ran wild in the forests of Britain and Europe. For its fearless nature, King Richard III adopted the boar as his personal badge.
Charm Style

Chicken Love $5

Reproduction. Originally thought to depict cock-fighting, closer inspection revealed that these chickens are lovers, not fighters (the one on the bottom is clearly a hen).
Pin Back

Crowned Lion $5

Reproduction. This badge is the royal lion which has long been a symbol of the English royalty. While sometimes used as livery badges, they were also worn generally to show royalist sentiments.
Pin Back
(size 33mm X 35mm)

Crowned Heart    $5

Reproduction. This classic charm depicts a heart, pierced and crowned, bearing the motto “MOI AOI” (Me, Yes!). Faithfully given and worn to declare one’s love.
Charm Style (size 33mm X 47mm)

Crowned "M" $5

Reproduction. This badge depicts an ornate crowned "M" and the motto "Ave Maria". This was a common type of devotional badge honouring the Mother of Christ.
Pin Back
(size 30mm X 30mm)

Edward III Helm $5

Reproduction. The griffin was one of Edward III's favoured emblems.
Pin Back

Edward, Prince of Wales (The Black Prince) $5

Reproduction. Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, later known as the Black Prince, adopted as his badge double or triple ostrich plumes. Based on an original badge in the Museum of Salisbury.
Pin Back

Elephant and Castle    $5

Based on a medieval illustration, this elephant features many of the anatomical oddities that are common in depictions of more exotic animals. Probably encountered by Crusaders, this beast is depicted with a "castle" on his back, ready for battle.
Pin Back
(size 44mm X 34mm)

Flagon $5

Reproduction. This charm depicts a pewter drinking vessel, of the type used in public houses and hostelries.
Charm Style

Fleur de Lis   $5

The Fleur de Lis was one of the most widely recognized emblems of the medieval period. Although closely associated with the royal houses of France and England, the Fleur de Lis was a common heraldic charge and a symbol of the Virgin Mary.
Charm Style

Honour $5

The Crowned Heart was a popular token of courtly love. This heart celebrates the sword pledged for the honour of a True Love.
Charm Style

Hunting Horn $5

Reproduction. One of the most popular medieval pastimes, hunting was a favourite recreation of the nobility.
Charm Style

Crowned Rose $5

Reproduction. While the rose was a popular heraldic device, the crowned rose was also associated with the Walshngham shrine of Our Virgin. Yorkist supporters would have savored the rose's dual symbolism.
Pin Back. (size 25mm X 25mm)

Goblet Charm $5
Based on contemporary badges and metal vessels of the medieval period.
Charm style.

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