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 Pilgrim Badges Page Two
Fettered Cock Pewters


Come in and browse.   All prices are in US dollars.

Charm Style indicates that the badge is meant to be worn suspended
or sewn in place. Check out our Charm Hangers!

Pin Back indicates that the piece is cast with a medieval pin closure.

If you would like to know more about the medieval practice of pilgrimage and about pilgrims' badges and souvenirs, please visit our Pilgrimage Page.
Charm and Hanger  $8

If you buy one charm hanger, regularly priced at $5, (fleur de lis or compass) and one of any of the charms, this combination is only $8.

Flying Pig $5

Loosely based on a medieval Dutch example, this inspirational little pig is proof that hope springs eternal....
This badge is a great gift for both the humble and the hopeful.
Pin Back (4 cm X 3 cm)


Flying Pig with
Laurel Wreath
(4.5 cm X 5 cm)
Flying Pig with
Knight's Belt
(4.5 cm X 5 cm)

Compass Star

Fleur de Lis

Charm Hangers  $5

Reproduction. Fleur de Lis or Compass Star styles. These round badges were made in a variety of styles, and were used to suspend pewter badges and pilgrim tokens. Comes with a pewter "S" hook.
Appoximate size: 20mm X 26 mm before the "S" hook

Front View

Back View

SCA Kingdom* Arms $7.00 each
SCA Kingdom Arms with reproduction charm hanger $11.00

Based on period examples, these two-part badges can be custom ordered with your barony, household or personal arms. * And a Pricipality too!


Click on any of the Kingdoms to see the arms.

Herald Badge shown
3cm X 3.7cm

3cm X 3.7cm

Office and Award medallions $7 each

Medallions with reproduction
Charm Hanger $11.00

Choose from Senechal, Herald, Chiergeon and more. We also feature award medallions from Ealdormere, and the Middle Kingdom.
Click Here for a full list of our awards and office medallions currently being offered.

Don't see what you want?
We are happy to do custom orders.

Lamb of God    $5

Reproduction. A symbol of Christís gentleness, this lamb is holding a cross and standing on a banner which reads "God Help". An enduring emblem of forgiveness and acceptance.
Pin Back
(size 42mm X 45mm)

Lion of England    $5

This charm depicts a lion passant guardant, in heraldic terminology sometimes referred to as a leopard. The arms of England displays three lions passant guardant or. This item does not have a pin-back.

Charm Style

Love in Bloom $5

Reproduction. This flowering vulva plant is being pollinated by a small winged phallus.
Pin Back
(size 21mm X 30mm)

Lovers    $5

Reproduction. This badge depicts a couple in love. The man is throwing his head back in pleasure as his sweetheart sits demurely on his lap.
Pin Back
(size 20mm X 41mm)

Mermaid $5

Reproduction. This badge depicts a mermaid holding a mirror and comb, traditional symbols of temptation and vanity.
Pin Back
(size 34mm X 35mm)

Our Lady of Walsingham $5

Reproduction. The shrine to the Virgin at Walsingham became a popular pilgrimage site in the early 13th century and continued so for 300 years, eventually overtaking Canterbury as the principal pilgrimage resort. The badge depicts the fleur-de-lis, the Virgin's Lily.
Pin Back
(size 25mm X 25mm)

Pavillion $5

This badge is based upon the campaign pavillion design taken from paintings of the Crusaders' camps. Many of the nobility travelled to wars abroad with great ceremony and luxury.
Pin Back
(size 25mm X 47mm)

Pattens $5

Reproduction of a 15th century badge. Pattens were wooden clogs worn to protect leather shoes.
Charm Style

Pelican $5

Reproduction. This badge depicts the Pelican in its piety. According to medieval bestiaries, the Pelican was believed to resurrect and feed its young with its own breast blood. Because
of this, the Pelican is a symbol of selfless devotion.
Pin Back
(size 36mm X 36mm)

Flight of Fancy $5

Reproduction. This jaunty little dicky bird is ready to take flight in the wings of love. A charming example of how a blatant image can be presented in a fanciful fashion.
Pin Back
(size 30mm X 26mm)

Hound and Hare $5

Reproduction. The Greyhound is a dog that hunts by sight, so this clever hare is hiding in the one place his hunter can't see him! Greyhounds were believed to be associated with the protection of children and its image was worn for good luck.
Pin Back (size 40mm X 43mm)

Arrow Charm $5

Reproduction. This three dimensional arrow charm is a copy of a peice in a museum in Rotterdam believed to date from 1375 to 1425, It has a cast loop for suspension.

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