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 Pilgrim Badges Page Three
Fettered Cock Pewters


Come in and browse.   All prices are in US dollars.

Charm Style indicates that the badge is meant to be worn suspended
or sewn in place. Check out our Charm Hangers!

Pin Back indicates that the piece is cast with a medieval pin closure.

If you would like to know more about the medieval practice of pilgrimage and about pilgrims' badges and souvenirs, please visit our Pilgrimage Page.

Pilgrim Pussy $5

Reproduction. This vulva proudly shows her devotion by donning a pilgrim's hat, staff, pattens and rosary. Similar secular badges were very popular in the Low Countries from the 13th through the 16th centuries.
Pin Back
(size 23mm X 30mm)

Purse $5

Reproduction. This charm depicts a belt purse with three tassels.
It is thought to be a good luck charm for attracting wealth.
Charm Style

Pussy Litter $5

Reproduction. This weary vulva, crowned with cocks, is being carried in great comfort by three walking cocks. The original
badge is in a collection in Rotterdam.
Pin Back

Pussy Goes A'Hunting $5

Reproduction. This crowned vulva is off in search of her usual prey with a whip and crossbow. This is a charming example of
the medieval theme of role reversal.
Pin Back
(size 32mm X 31mm)

Pussy Royale $5

Reproduction. Crowned and winged, this vulva is preparing to
take flight while still keeping both feet on the ground. Both a whimsical and pragmatic interpretation of sexual love.
Pin Back (2.5 cm X 2.5 cm)

Saint Catherine $5

Reproduction. St. Catherine, who was of royal blood (hence the crown) is depicted here with the instrument of her martyrdom - a spiked wheel. A popular medieval saint, she is the patron of spinners and haberdashers. This badge does not have a pin back. Click here for more on St. Catherine's Life and Shrines
Charm Style

Saint Edward the Confessor $5

Reproduction. A very popular medieval saint, his shrine at Westminster was one of the major pilgrimage sites in England.
St. Edward is invoked for luck in business and advantageous marriage.
Pin Back

Saint George $5

Reproduction. This popular saint is depicted in his classic pose, slaying a dragon. Chief among the warrior saints, St. George is
the patron saint of England and an enduring symbol of chivalry and prowess.
Pin Back
(size 35mm X 44mm)

Saint James of Compostella $5

Reproduction. The symbol of pilgrimage, St. James' scallop shell with pilgrim staves is instantly recognizable. Although the origin
of the shell association is not known for certain, it is said that this saint once saved a sailor from drowning and when he emerged from the water, he was covered with shells. St. James is the
patron saint of sailors and pilgrims.
Pin Back
(size 24mm X 35mm)

Saint Anthony $5

Reproduction. A popular medieval saint, St. Anthony was the patron of the Order of the Hospitallers and of swineherds. The smallest pig in the litter was often tithed to the saint and allowed
to forage freely in the city streets, so long as they were belled. Churches and hospitals dedicated to St. Anthony appeared in most major cities in Europe. He is invoked for skin diseases, to
find lost objects and to fight sexual temptations.
Pin Back
(size 30mm X 20mm)

Saint Thomas Becket $5

Reproduction. Archbishop of Canterbury in 1170, Becket became
a saint following his assassination in the cathedral by King Henry II's men. Canterbury and St. Thomas' shrine became one of the
top pilgrimage destinations in medieval Europe. Thought to
protect those with unpopular political views.
Pin Back
(size 35mm X 32mm)

Becket's Gloves $5

Reproduction. Among the items displayed at St Thomas's shrine in Canterbury, were a pair of his gloves. This badge depicts the gloves, ornamented and tasselled, showing
the episcopal ring. His gloves were accredited with at least one miracle involving the healing of a nun.
Pin Back
(size 26mm X 35mm)

Saint Werburga $5

Reproduction. Saint Werburga's shrine at Chester Cathedral
was a site of pilgrimage from the 10th century to the Reformation. Geese in a wattle enclosure represent one of her miracles, in which she brought a goose back to life.
Pin Back
(size 45mm X 30mm)

Scissors $5

Reproduction. This charm depicts a pair of shears or scissors, and is thought to be a livery badge for a textile workers' guild.
Charm Style

Ship of Seamen $5

Reproduction. This delightful ship is setting sail for love. This is a 15th century badge.
Pin Back
(size 33mm X 35mm)

Squatting Man $5

Reproduction. This unusual badge depicts a bearded man in an undignified posture, with a great deal to be proud of.
Pin Back
(size 37mm X 36mm)

Squatting Woman    $5

Reproduction. This badge depicts a do-it-yourself type of woman who believes in the old adage “a bird in the hand….”
Pin Back
(size 29mm X 38mm)

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