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Woolmerchant 1400

Welcome to
Belt Mounts

Fettered Cock Pewters

Come in and browse.
All prices are in US dollars.

Any of our mounts can be added to your belt order or used to ornament pouches, shoes, garments or fillets, circlets or headresses. You pay only for the mounts you need and they come with complete instructions on how to mount them yourself.

Sizes are in metric.
For American size conversions, please check our Size Link

Belt Hangers $5

Reproduction. These pewter hangers were attached to belts and used to suspend purses, knives, keys and other personal items. They also protected valuable decorative belts from being distorted by hanging cords.

Belt Mounts $0.60 each

Acorn Mount

1.5cm X 2cm

Acorn Mount, Small

12mm x 14mm

Arrow Mount

1cm X 3cm

Dog Bone Mount

1.5cm X .75cm

Coronet Mount

2.5cm X 1.5cm

Small Fleur Mount

17mm X 12mm

Leaf Mount

1cm X 1.75cm

Lozenge Mount

1.5cm x 1cm

Quatrefoil Cross Mount
1.2cm X 1.2cm

Palmet Fleur de lis

17mmm X 17mm

Rose Mount

1.5cm X 1.5cm

Sheaf Mount

15mm X 7mm

Scallop Shell Mount
1.5cm X 1.5cm

Small Star Flower

15mm X 15mm

Small Trillium Mount

1.75cm X 1.75cm

Buckler Mount

1.5 cm X 1.5cm.

Large Bar Mount

2.25cm X .75cm

Tower Mount

Size 2cm X 1.25cm

Heart Mount
1.3 cm X 1.5cm

Small Laurel
1.7cm X 1.5cm

Wildman Face Mount
1.6cm X 1.7cm

Wildman Face Mount
with Bell ...$1 each

Jack "X" Mount
1.5cm X 1.5cm

Small Bar Mount
.7cm X 1.5cm

Jack Cross Mount
1.5cm X 1.5cm


Belt Mounts $0.80 each

Large Trillium Mount
2.5cm X 2.5cm

Fleury Cross
2cm X 2cm

Large Fleur Mount
2.5cm X 2.5cm

Hare Mount
3cm X 1.5cm

Square Mount
1.75cm X 1.75cm

2.5cm X 3cm

Crowned Heart Mount
2cm X 3cm

Wolf Mount

1.8cm X 2.5cm

Lozenge with
Fleur de lis

25mm by 17 mm

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