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Collars of Estate

Collars of Estate
Collars of Estate were ornamental chains or collars made up of a series of links cast in precious metals. They were generally used as signs of rank and they were most often symbols of office, such as ambassador or mayors, or of Royal favour. Some collars were quite simple and some very elaborately embellished with precious stones. The most familiar collars are those with the linked "S"s which served as the distinctive livery of the Royal House of Lancaster, bestowed by all three Lancastrian Kings. (Henrys IV, V and VI)

Sir Thomas More
Painted by Hans Holbein
the Younger. (1527).

"S" Collar

This cast pewter collar is based on a London find from 1400s. (see photo right)

$60 Collar with chains, center trefoil and 26 links
Each additional link $2 each or $18 for 10.


$50 Collar kit comes with assembled center trefoil, jump rings and 26 "S" links. You assemble the links yourself.
Each additional link is $2 or $18 for 10.

Each link adds 3 cm to the length of the collar.

Silver collar probably dating from the middle of the reign of Henry VI (c.1440)
Believed created in London by a local goldsmith