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Dark Ages
Fettered Cock Pewters


Welcome to our Dark Ages page.


We have assembled a variety of belt fittings, jewellery and decorative items featuring Roman, Norse, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic deigns.

All prices are in US dollars.

Norse Cascade Necklaces

Norse Cascade Necklaces or "treasure necklaces" were strings of brightly coloured beads and ornaments, worn by women suspended from shoulder brooches. These necklaces were made up of metal beads and charms of pewter, silver and gold, suspended coins as well as beads made from stone, amber, and bone. The necklaces varied in size and style depending on the wealth of the women wearing it. These necklaces were status symbols of wearable wealth and they have been found in Norse graves and hordes from Great Britain to Denmark, throughout the Viking World. Our necklaces have been made from a careful assortment of objects, using only the most authentic materials. You can either order one of our ready made necklaces or have one custom built for you to your specifications. The assortment of beads will vary by availability. You can order this single strand garland on its own or bundle it with our popular turtle brooches for a spectacular set.

Also available in a Laurel version with a pewter Laurel wreath in place of the Thor's hammer.

Cascade Necklace $25
Laurel Cascade Necklace $25
Cascade necklace with Turtle Brooches $45

Cascade Necklace shown with Turtle Brooches
(available separately)

Dragon Charm

Yorvik Penny on bail

Saxon-style Bird Charm

Each necklace is strung on steel wire with a loop at either end to slip over the pin of your brooches.
Approximately 14 inches long.

Your cascade necklace will include:
-Two imported cast pewter Yorvik pennies, suspended from a hand-rivetted steel bale.
-One replica Saxon double-headed bird charm, taken from an original in the British Museum collection.(300-600 AD) pewter
-One replica double-headed dragon charm. The original was found in Britain but was probably of Frankish origin. (300-600 AD) pewter.
-One small pewter Thor's Hammer, featuring a traditional gripping wolf design.
-Egyptian glass (matte) beads.
-Handmade lampwork beads in assorted styles, shapes and colours, chosen for their authentic shapes and textures.
-Beads of semiprecious stones including combinations of amber agate, sodalite, amethyst, garnet and amber (subject to availability)
-Hand made metal beads featuring a raised granulated design.


Viking Brooches $24 pair

Viking women of higher status typically wore ornate oval brooches to fasten their outer garment (apron) which was held up by straps over the shoulders. These "turtle brooches" are commonly found in women's graves and art of the Viking period. These are cast in pewter, with a brass pin. ( 7cm X 5.5 cm)

Saxon Wolf $7

Based on a Saxon carving, this brooch is a tribute to the
art of the 9th century.
Modern pin only.

Roman-Celtic Brooches $8

These beautiful pewter brooches is reproductions based on examples found in Gaul as well as many British Romano- Celtic settlements and cities. They were worn by both women and men as a fastening at the shoulder or as decorative jewellry.

Special Price: $15 for a pair!

Dragon Brooch

The stylized dragon features raised designs and is accented with low temperature enamel in red, green and blue. The classic design remained in style well into the Celtic and Anglo Saxon times as the dragon remained a popular beast in legend and mythology. The back has a steel pin. (Approximate size 1 7/8" X ")

Hare Brooch

The running hare features raised designs and is accented with low temperature enamel in red, green and blue. The Hare was an early symbol or fertility and was a popular love token in Roman, Celtic and Anglo Saxon times. The back has a steel pin.
(Approximate size 1 5/8" X 1")





Thor's Hammer
Large $7 Small $5

This is the sign of the great Norse god Thor, who with his mighty hammer fought many battles against evil giants and monsters. He was said to ride his chariot across the sky causing thunder and lightening.


Penannular Brooch $5

This is a steel version of the classic Penannular Brooch. Worn by both men and women in Viking and Celtic times, this brooch will make a perfect addition to your re-enactment outfit. (Size : 1 3/8 " by 1 3/8")



Yorvic Penny $3 per pair

This reproduction Viking trade penny is imported from England, and based on the coin dies found at Yorvic, in York.





Celtic Lion Buckle $14

77mm by 55mm.
Fits a strap 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches wide.
This classic buckle is based on Celtic metalwork of the 6th through 9th centuries. The Lion, a common animal in Celtic art, is a symbol of strength and nobility.





Yorvic Buckle
and Strap End Set
(200 - 800 AD)

The terminal is based on a Norse find from Yorvik, England. The buckle has been crafted to match, based on contempary finds. Both feature the serpent design common in Norse metalwork and stone carving. The buckle is designed to attach to leather or woven belts with equal ease.
Fittings only: $17

Hadrian Buckle
and Strap End Set
(200-600 AD)

This set features replicas of two Romano/Celtic finds from ancient Britain. The curved lines of the buckle and ampulla shaped terminal are typical of this period. The buckle will attach to leather or woven belts with equal ease.
Fittings only: $17





Lion Buckle
and Strap End
(300 - 700 AD)

The terminal is a reproduction of a 5 th century Roman/Celtic piece found in the North of England that is now in my own collection. The buckle has been crafted to match, based on contemporary finds.
Fittings only: $20


Buckler Shaped Belt Mount: 50 cents each.

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