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We will be closed from March 7th, 2022 to April 20th, 2022. Any orders recieved before this date will be shipped before we depart. We will have some access to email while we are away but most orders will be responded to once we return from holiday.


Plague Badges and Charms to commemorate Covid 19

To commemorate the resilient spirit and sense of humour needed in these challenging times, I have designed a series of lead-free pewter plague charms and badges depicting the plague doctors' masks used during the times of the bubonic plague. The strange beak-like masks contained herbs and flowers to protect the wearer. While these badges will not cure the plague, a portion of all proceeds will go toward providing
free cloth face masks for the community.

The Plague Doctor badge is available with a modern or medieval pin back and the Plague Mask is available, painted or unpainted, as a charm or pendant (with bail).
They are $5 USD each or $22 USD for 5 and you can mix and match.

On the back is written COVID 19, 2020 Some of this will be removed to attach a modern pin.

For more information, or to place an order, please email me at



Come and browse our full line of Medieval Wares
Belts and belt fittings, games, fine jewelry in silver and gold, furniture, household goods, dress accessories and more!

Whether you are a medieval enthusiast, recreationist, or collector of history, you will find something to intrigue you at the Sign of The Fettered Cock!


As seen in Playboy!
January 2007 issue

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Check out our full selection
of reproduction naughty badges!


We carry a full line Belt Fittings and Dress Accessories to suit even the most descriminating of medieval recreationists, all finely crafted in lead-free  pewter. They have all been individually hand-cast in soapstone molds, in a method virtually unchanged since Viking times. 

Visit our Belts Page!


Crowned "M"

Browse our large selection of reproduction
Pilgrim Signs and Badges, including religious, secular and "naughty" themes. All our badges are hand cast in traditional stone moulds for an authentic medieval look and feel.


Fine Jewelry in Silver and Gold

Sewing Supplies

New early period items have been added to our
Dark Ages Page, including replica
Roman/Celtic brooches

Snoods now availible in red, blue, green,
black and white

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