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Eschewynge of Ydlenesse
artists: Misericordia & Gaita

The much awaited new dance CD is finally availible in North America.

A charming collection of dance music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance which features new dances from the recently discovered "Gresley" manuscript, written around 1500.

As a special bonus, a book of choreography for the CD is also available.

Whether you are a teacher or a student of dance, Eschewynge of Ydlenesse is the special resource you have been waiting for.


Dance CD......$19
Book of Choreography.....$18

Book and CD Set.......$35



Call the Names
artist: Heather Dale

Heather Dale is a professional recording artist who is quickly making a name for herself in the folk and celtic music community. Her haunting voice brings this collection of medieval and SCA inspired songs to life as she tansportes her listeners back to a simple time of romance and fable.