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Drawstring Pouch ... $9

This traditional drawstring pouch is made from supple leather and is meant to be worn suspended from the belt or from a belt hanger. Availible in Black, Brown, Dark Blue or Red.

Alms Purse ... $30 (1300 - 1500)

Perfect for a lady, this alms purse has a hinged pewter frame featuring a castle. The castle, a symbol of security, is a common motif on frame purses throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. In the castle doorway hangs a glass baroque pearl and a swan swims in the moat below. The lined purse itself is made from velveteen for a rich but durable look. The drawstrings are finished with metal aglets. Available in Black, Blue, Red or Green. Other colors are available on request.

Frame Purse ... $45 (1250 - 1500)

Based on a frame in my own collection, this purse is made from top quality leather. The bag is constructed from a supple leather and the flap and straps are made from a heavier leather for long lasting beauty and utility. The frame and belt fitting are cast in pewter and feature a fleur de lis design. Available in Black, Brown, Blue and Red. Approximate size, 6 inches wide by 7 inches long.

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