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Cutlery Set $25

This matched set includes a spoon, serving fork and knife. The knife features a matt-finish blade for a hand-forged look, but each piece is made in stainless steel for your convenience and the set is machine washable. Each piece is 8.5 inches in length with matt black "faux horn" handles. The knife comes sharpened.

The entire set is packed in its own washable, segmented fabric carrying case to make travelling to foreign feasts easy and convenient.

Pewter Spoon $12

This beautiful reproduction spoon is cast in England and imported for your pleasure. The original was made in London in 1500, but the shape and construction are consistent with period examples from as early as 1350. This spoon has the tear drop shapped shallow bowl so common in Medieval and Renaissance spoons. The decorative knop features an elegant spiral pattern and the bowl contains a small fleur de lis maker's mark.

England was known for its beautiful pewterwork and items such as these were highly sought after by well to do merchants and artisans, ships' officers, and the wealthy of the period.

The spoon is 6" long and 1 3/4" wide and 1/4" deep.

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